Become a Volunteer

Parents are the lifeblood of our pack. Without them, our program would be limited and our Scouts would be missing out on the fun.

It is easy to become a trained volunteer in our pack. ALL the required training can be taken online - so you can take the training at your own pace.

There are many positions with varying responsibility and skills required. Some positions work directly with Scouts to deliver the program and others work more behind the scenes to ensure the pack is a healthy functioning organization able to deliver maximum adventure.

Are you interested in any of these volunteer roles? Please contact us, we can accommodate any level of involvement. After all, many hands make light work.

Parents Can Assist Without a Formal Title

  • Volunteer to help with small defined tasks

  • Ask your den leader if they need help

  • Ask the cubmaster or committee chair about the needs of the Pack

  • Do your best. If that includes getting trained then you need to get trained

  • Encourage other parents to help. Work as a team with projects that need attention

Enjoy Working with Youth?

Some of these positions may interest you


  • Plan and help carry out the Cub Scout program including leading the monthly pack meeting

  • With the pack committee, develop and execute a year-round recruitment plan

  • Work with the pack committee on recruiting and selecting adult leaders

  • Guide and support the den leaders, ensure they receive position specific training

  • Maintain good relationships with local Scout troops to aid in Webelos to Scout transition

  • Maintain good relationships with parents and deliver a fun, quality year-round program

  • Request den chiefs form local Scout troops and recognize them at pack meetings

  • Conduct impressive advancement, recognition and transition ceremonies

Assistant Cubmaster

  • Help cubmaster as necessary and be ready to fill in for cubmaster if necessary

  • Supervise den chief training

  • Along with pack committee and cubmaster develop and year-round recruiting program

  • Assist at pack activities such as dinners, derbys outings and service projects

Den Leader

  • Work with other den and pack leaders to ensure the den is an active, successful part of the pack

  • Plan and conduct den meetings

  • Lead the den at monthly pack meetings

  • Ensure the transition of Cub Scouts to next rank or scout troop

Assistant Den Leader

Shares the responsibilities of the den leader.

Den Chief

An experienced Scout of first class rank or above who supports the den leader and is a role model and friend to Cub Scouts.

Enjoy Growing an Organization?

Some of these positions may interest you

Pack Committee Members

Committee Chair

  • Calls and presides over pack committee meetings

  • Maintains relationship with charter organization representative

  • Maintains relationship with Scout troop to enable smooth transition from Webelos to Scout

  • Coordinates annual charter review

  • Approves pack expenditures


  • Keeps records for the pack

  • Assists den leaders with obtaining materials, literature and forms

  • Maintains membership, leadership, attendance and advancement records

  • Keeps notes of business conducted at leader meetings


  • Helps committee and cubmaster build annual budget

  • Maintains pack bank account and approves expenditures

  • Maintains pack financial records and petty cash fund

  • Make monthly financial condition report to pack leaders

Advancement Chair

  • Helps Cub Scouts move through the ranks and transition to a Scouts BSA Troop

  • Help plan induction and advancement recognition ceremonies

  • Coordinate with Webelos leader and scoutmaster for meaningful transition ceremony

  • Promote the wearing and proper use of uniform and insignia

Public Relations Chair

  • Keep pack activities visible to the public and families

  • Identify and promote pack service projects for the chartered organization and community

  • Promote family participation in pack events

  • Use multiple media channels to advertise recruiting and other pack events

Outdoor Activity Chair

  • Help cubmaster plan and arrange outdoor activities

  • Arrange any required permits

  • Arrange safe transportation when needed

  • Plan first aid for emergencies

  • Plan outings that will qualify for the National Summertime Pack Award

Membership and Registration Chair

  • Work with cubmaster and rest of the committee to plan a year-round membership growth strategy

  • Follow-up with Cub Scout dropouts to help them return to active membership

  • Prepare registration paperwork

  • With the chartered organization representative prepare annual charter application

  • With the cubmaster, follow-up with former pack members now in a Scout troop and recruit them as potential den chiefs

New Member Coordinator

  • Serve as welcoming ambassadors to the pack

  • Work with committee to develop and implement a membership plan

  • Collaborate with district membership team to build a strong membership plan

If you are interested in helping us deliver an excellent youth program and have questions, please contact us at