Friends of Scouting

Delivering Scouting for Cub Scout Pack 1776 takes a partnership of programs and funding from our families, units with community partners, and the Grand Canyon Council.

Camping facilities, maintenance, programs, recruitment materials, training, and year-round staff support are some of the responsibilities and costs we work to fund.

The Grand Canyon Council, is proud to share that 84% of total expenses directly support the program!

  • Fundraising accounts for 8% of council expenses, much of that is the cost of prizes and incentives given to our youth for participating in our annual popcorn and camp card fundraisers

  • Management expenses are 7% of council budget

  • Only 1% of our council expenses are paid to the National Council Boy Scouts of America for various services and support. The other 99% is used locally for our communities!

Gifts can be made as one-time donations or monthly recurring gifts.

We invite you to help support Scouting and our critical mission today.